Summer’s Edge Community Guidelines and Responsibilities
for the 2021 Season

Campers and Staff will:

  • Complete the daily check-in process
  • Wear a 2-ply mask with ear loops/head strap at all times (except during snack & lunch)
  • Sanitize hands before and after activities
  • Sanitize surfaces before and after activities
  • Keep 6 feet apart
  • Stay home if they are not feeling well

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will:

  • Monitor their camper's health 5 days before the start of their session and throughout their stay at Summer’s Edge
  • Notify if their camper has been exposed to a positive case of COVID-19, or is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Keep their camper home if their camper is not feeling well
  • Remain in their cars during pick up and drop off

As of April 10, 2021

As of February 25, 2021

What will be the same in 2021
  • Our staff is counting down the days until they will see you
  • Our small camper to counselor ratios
  • We will spend time in our groups with our counselors
  • We will sanitize our hands before and after snack and lunch
  • We will play some of our favorite games with modifications like campers having their own space and equipment
    • Basketball skills & relays
    • Fitness Fun
    • Floor hockey skills & relays
    • Obsta-Cool Stations (new activity)
    • Relay Races
    • Soccer-kickball (new game)
    • Soccer skills & relays
    • Racquet Volleyball (new game)
    • Lawn Games
    • Frisbee Golf
    • Pickleball
    • Archery
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Nature Craft
    • STEM
    • Golf
    • Tennis
What might be different in 2021
  • Everyone will wear two-layer masks all the time except during snack and lunch
  • Campers in groups will be spread out in their own spaces 6 feet apart
  • We will sanitize our hands before and after every activity
  • We will use cones, line markers, and hula hoops as spacing indicators
  • Groups and campers will be spread out 6-feet apart for Morning and End of the Day Announcements
  • We will spend more time outdoors (except when it is raining or extremely hot)
  • Campers will keep their snacks and lunches in their backpacks instead of in the camp’s refrigerators
  • We will eat snack and lunch outside (except when it is raining or extremely hot)
  • In the event of extreme heat or rain groups will use pre-assigned classroom spaces
  • Furniture and spaces have been reorganized so campers and counselors will be within the recommended physical distancing requirements
What we don’t know about 2021
  • Swimming and Swim Lessons
  • Extended Day Services
  • Mini Late and Late Nite Events
  • Field trips for Sr. Campers
  • Morning temperature checks
  • Onsite COVID testing

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Summer’s Edge guarantee a COVID-free camp experience?

No. We can put all Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPI) measures in place to reduce the potential spread of the virus by everyone wearing a two-ply mask at all times (except during snack & lunch), cohorting groups and counselors, spacing campers 6-feet apart, outdoor time, assigned spaces/rooms when using indoor space, and handwashing/sanitizing before and after activities.

Will there be a reduced number of kids that Summer’s Edge will admit?

Summer’s Edge camper to counselor ratios meets or exceed the recommended ratios for grouping campers. We moved to a two-session model, to decrease the number of campers “coming in and out of camp.”

Is the tennis camp indoors or outdoors?

The tennis school will be held in the spacious Minuteman gymnasium. In the tennis camp, we operate on a 5 to 1 or less player to coach ratio (this is less the camp COVID ratios). Our new gymnasium is bigger than the former gym so will space the courts further apart from one another; the gymnasium has a brand new ventilation system. Each tennis player can either bring their own tennis racket or one will be assigned to them. Players will also have an assigned ball tube for ball pick up. While they are playing tennis the players and coaches will wear 2-ply masks and abide by the physical distancing measures. The tennis players will meet outdoors for morning check-in, proceed inside for their tennis lesson, have an outdoor snack break at 10:30 am and return to the gym for their tennis lessons. A brief outdoor activity will be offered prior to pick up at noon.

What happens when it rains or if it is extremely hot outside?

Groups will retreat to their pre-assigned classroom spaces. Furniture and spaces have been reorganized so campers and counselors will be within the recommended physical distancing requirements. The newly built Minuteman building has been open for two years with all new ventilation systems.

Will the summer of 2020 count toward camper's 10 year T-shirts, 15-year hoodies?

Yes! We all planned to be at Summer’s Edge in 2020 and the cancellation due to the Global Pandemic will not impact camper milestone awards.

Since Summer’s Edge did not open in 2020, can a Senior Camper/L.I.T. spend an extra year in the program before applying to the C.I.T. program?

Yes! In 2020, there were many cancellations related to camp, school, sports, and extracurricular activities. If a Sr. Camper/L.I.T. decides that they want their 2020 year at Summer’s Edge back, we will honor their request.

When is the deadline to pay the tuition balance due? 

At this time, the final payment will be due on April 1, 2021. 

We will follow the most current guidelines set forth by the state. Once the updated state guidelines are released, we will have a better picture of what camp will look like. There is, of course, the chance that the state will not relax any of the 2020 camp regulations because of the new strain of COVID-19 that spreads faster and that children are not vaccinated. 

We realize that these are very uncertain times and things change at a moment's notice. We hope that the information that we have provided is of some assistance to you in these turbulent times. Please feel free to ask more questions or reach out to Ann Marie Gallo at any time