Swimming is an integral activity in the camp curriculum. Swim lessons are taught for 40 minutes. If your camper is unable to participate in swim lessons for a medical reason, please send a written note.

All the Water Safety Instructors have been trained in American Red Cross standards. There may be a difference in your camper’s certificate if they took part in another swim program. Please encourage your camper to give their undivided attention to the swim instructor(s), rather than the logistics of the level, and to perform the best that they can each day at swim lessons.

Campers must pass the “deep end assessment” to swim in the deep part of the pool. “Deep end assessments” are administered by the Aquatics Specialists at free swims on Mondays. This allows campers the opportunity to improve their strokes during the remaining days of the week at swim lessons.

The “deep end assessment” is swimming the crawl stroke with rotary breathing. The camper begins at the shallow end of the pool and swims to the deep end. Without touching the wall, the camper treads water for at least 1 minute and swims the crawl stroke with rotary breathing back to the shallow end. The camper is assessed on their endurance and the mechanics of their stroke.