Extended Day

Extended Day 7:45 am
Morning extended day service begins at 7:45 AM. The check-in area for extended day campers is on the field across from the childcare entrance. The early morning staff members are scheduled earlier than 7:45 AM to open the facility and set up. Beginning at 7:45 AM, please park your car in the small lot near the playground structure. Please escort your extended day camper to a staff member for check-in. In the event of rain, extended day morning drop off will be inside the child care center; please enter through the side door near the play structure.

Extended Day 5:30 pm
Afternoon extended day campers begin their session with a snack and beverage that we provide. Two activity periods follow, usually one athletic and one non-athletic. When picking up an extended day camper, please park your car, and if you do not see us outdoors on the field, please enter through the side door near the play structure and check-in at the camp office. On most days, the extended day campers have snack in the cafeteria. After snack, the campers engage in a physical activity outdoors or in the gymnasium. The extended day program concludes with a non-physical activity, usually in the arts & crafts classroom (beside the childcare center) until 5:30 PM. Before releasing your camper to you, a staff member will ask for your signature.

Afternoon extended day service ends at 5:30 PM; please plan accordingly. If campers are not picked up by 5:30 PM, additional costs will incur. Based upon availability, same-day extended day service is feasible; payment is due on the day of rendered service.

The entire camp community is dismissed at 3:35 pm on the last day of camp. Extended day services are not available on the last day of camp.