Extended Day

Extended Day 7:30 AM
Morning extended day service begins at 7:30 AM. The check-in area for extended day campers is at the camp building. The early morning staff members are scheduled earlier than 7:30 AM to open the facility and set up. Beginning at 7:30 AM, please park your car in the small lot near the camp building. Please escort your extended day camper into the camp building to a staff member for check-in.

Extended Day 5:30 PM
Afternoon extended day campers begin their session with a snack and beverage, please pack the snack in separate bag. The extended day program includes non-physical activities such as crafts, drawing, board games, and reading. Before releasing your camper to you, a staff member will ask for your signature.

Afternoon extended day service ends at 5:30 PM; please plan accordingly. If campers are not picked up by 5:30 PM, additional costs will incur. Based upon availability, same-day extended day service is feasible; payment is due on the day of rendered service.

The entire camp community is dismissed at 3:35 pm on the last day of camp. Extended day services are not available on the last day of camp.