We know that you want to feel connected with your camper’s experiences. Therefore, we encourage you to use our methods for appropriate levels of communication. Please call us during the camp day if your camper will be absent, if you need to pick up your camper early and did not send an email or a note in advance, and/or if someone different will pick up your camper. Please contact the camp office at 978-831-1302. Unless it is urgent, we will return phone calls at the end of the day. For emergency purposes in addition to our land phones, all of our administrative staff members carry a cell phone and two-way radios.

At the end of each session, we publish a weekly newsletter to keep you in touch with your camper’s week of activity. We post photos through Instagram

Internet Communications

Summer’s Edge at Camp Thoreau recognizes that the foundation for growth, for campers and staff, is the strong bond between campers and staff members. Such child-caregiver relationships are essential for development in social skills, self-esteem, and an adventurous spirit. One of our goals is to nurture those relationships before, during, and after the camp season, sanctioned and supervised. Staff members, therefore, are permitted to use handwritten correspondence if they would like to send a note to a camper. Such handwritten documents shall be sent through the U.S. mail in care of the camper’s parent(s)/guardian(s). An email correspondence may only be directed to a parent/guardian’s email address. Staff members are strictly prohibited from “friending,” “following,” and accepting requests of the same nature on any social media platform.

Cell Phones Policy

We request that campers leave their cellular phones and Apple watches at home. Our camp counselors do not carry cell phones during the camp day.