Mini Camp (Half Day)

A Typical Day

Young campers (ages 3 1/2* to 5 years old) are greeted each morning by a lead counselor and assistant. They are welcomed to their group to await morning announcements out on the field with the Summer’s Edge Community at 9:00 am. For these campers, the first scheduled group activity could be a game like silly soccer, T-ball or one base kickball.  Then three additional morning periods include two scheduled activities that could be an arts and crafts project from nature, a story read-a-loud, or another fun group game, and Red Cross swimming lessons. Little swimmers will be introduced to the pool and become comfortable in the water at their own pace, with an individualized approach to beginning swim strokes and kicking.

Activities are approximately 35 minutes in length and sometimes shorter time frames to adjust to young campers’ interests and needs. A short picnic-style snack (don’t forgot to send along a brown bag snack and water bottle!) is scheduled for 10:30 am. At 12:15 pm, campers will be dismissed to their respective parent(s)/guardian(s) from the west entrance of the cafeteria.

* Campers must be 3 years 6 months old to participate in camp.

Sample Schedule

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Camp Community Time Soccer Lead Up Games Parachute Games T-Ball
Swim Lessons Swim Lessons Swim Lessons Swim Lessons Swim Lessons
Snack Snack Snack Snack Snack
1 Base Kickball Arts & Crafts A&C Story Time FACT: First Aid for Children Quiet Group Game
Nature Crafts Floor Hockey Group Choice Group Game Tennis
Summer’s Edge Day Camp & Tennis School has made the heartbreaking decision to suspend the 2020 camp season.