Camp Calendar

Summer’s Edge is a very busy place with a camp calendar packed with special events. We send paper copies of calendars home each Monday of a new session.

A few of our traditional special events include:

Week 1Krack-A-Bout Marathon
Week 2Ted the Bear’s Birthday Party
Camp is closed on July 5th
Week 3 The Annual Talent Show
Adventure Week for Sr. Campers/L.I.T.’s
Mini Late Nite
Week 4The Annual Camp Carnival
Late Nite
Week 5Hawaiian Day
The Annual Lip Sync Show (families are invited)
Week 6Crazy Hat, Sock, & Dress Up Day
Late Nite
Week 7Tie Dye Week at Arts & Crafts
Mini Late Nite
Week 8The Annual Olympic Games
The Annual Slide Show (families are invited)
Extended Day Services are not available on the last day of camp