We think our camp families are simply the best, and here’s what they think about us:

Over the years I have been so impressed with Ann Marie and her staff. Their emphasis on kindness, caring, and community is all wrapped up in to one fun summer experience.
Summer's Edge is stellar... the spirit and deep thoughtfulness that goes into fostering
each child's points of growth & personal nature of the experience.
Summer's Edge is a place where everybody knows your name.
The end of week ceremony where each child gets an award for something that child accomplished has a warmth and inclusion unparalleled anywhere my kids have gone.
Ann Marie Gallo has her heart and soul in this camp and it shows in the retention rate
of families, counselors, kids turned counselors, and most of all,
support and availability to parents to brainstorm challenges.
Summer's Edge is about doing your own best, stretching your own edge gently—a value our kids need to hear much more often than they do. Don't look to the person next to you, look within to be the best person-friend, camper, whatever you can be.
As a camp, Summer's Edge stands out as not trying to be like other camps— and it works.
They offer something unique.
Summer's Edge is exceptional and professional in meeting every child's needs,
whether physical, emotional, or cultural.
Halfway through his first summer at Summer's Edge, my son (then age 4) informed me that he wouldn't be returning to preschool in the fall; he was going to go to attend Summer's Edge year round.
(If Summer's Edge ran a school, he would!)
The secret ingredient is the wonderful and devoted staff, who make each day memorable, all summer long... Summer's Edge is beautifully planned and executed to be a truly superb experience.
Through the supportive, caring guidance of the counselors & camp leadership—who warmly welcome each child by name each day & who communicate with each child in a way that supports that child's temperament—my children quickly developed a level of confidence & independence that let me know we'd found the right camp for our family.
Summer's Edge is the perfect blend of sportspersonship, character-building, fun, and lots of exercise!
I am so impressed at how solid this camp is. The kids & also the counselors all seem to have so much genuine fun. This camp just runs super smoothly!