Meet the Staff

Allison Watts

Arts and Crafts

We warmly welcome BACK Allison Watts as our director of arts and crafts.  If you time-traveled into the past, you would find Allison leading Group 3, being the maven of arts and crafts, or working with senior campers. She not only is coming home to Summer’s Edge, but Allison also recently returned to the United States after eight years living across the pond in England with her husband and children, Jacob and Lilly (now campers!). Allison earned her M.Ed in Moderate Special Education at Simmons College upon completing her undergraduate work at Wheaton College. During the academic year, she is an elementary special education teacher at the Brooks School in Medford. Allison loves to sing around the house, but she claims “even though I have a terrible singing voice!”…we’re not buying it: Allison is awesome in all her endeavors!