Ann Marie Gallo

Ann Marie GalloFounder & Camp Director

Ann Marie Gallo, the founder and creator of Summer’s Edge Day Camp, comprises the heart, the brain, and the drive that blooms the Summer’s Edge experience for campers and counselors each summer. With her doctoral degree from Fielding Graduate University, she is a full professor at Salem State University in the Sport & Movement Science Department. She teaches a wide variety of courses in pedagogy and ‘camp administration.’ Ann Marie also works with Massachusetts’ public school physical education teachers in the area of curriculum instruction and assessment. She coordinates the undergraduate and graduate physical education teacher programs at Salem State. This past spring, Ann Marie was bestowed with the Massachusetts Association of Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance 2015 Presidential Citation Award presented to a professional whose life contributions, devotion, and support have assisted in the advancement of the allied fields and youth of Massachusetts. Ann Marie holds a Master of Education from Cambridge College, a Massachusetts Teaching Certificate, and a B.S. in physical education from UMass Boston. In addition to these degrees, Ann Marie is a certified Emergency Medical Technician, Water Safety Instructor, Lifeguard Training Instructor, and C.P.R./F.P.R. Instructor. In recognition of her many years working with students, Ann Marie was named Teacher of the Year at Minuteman High School for the 1998 school year. In 1991 and 1996, she was named Minuteman’s Coach of the Year. She also received the Gatorade Coaches Care Award in 1991. Thus, with Summer’s Edge now nestled into Minuteman’s campus, Ann Marie is back home! Through her life’s main goal and venture that is Summer’s Edge, Ann Marie has relished the opportunity to see so many of her campers ‘grow up’ and become staff members. While maintaining the myriad of roles that come with her role as owner and camp director, she looks forward to the one day each week that she gets out to the archery range to instruct the campers on this difficult yet rewarding activity: “Archery is different from team sports; it is a sport of precision that takes practice and patience to master.” With the belief that all that we impart at camp is truly essential for life, she thinks that the world needs a ‘Character Counts’ program just like at Summer’s Edge as we progress through the 21st century. Ann Marie is ecstatic each time she has the opportunity to visit, babysit, or play with her nephews, AJ and Michael.

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