Meet the Staff

Barbara Schiavone

Group 1

Thomas Greaney

Group 1

Steven (Stevo) Johnson

Group 2

Lauren Harkins

Group 2

Ben Kermisch

Group 3

Ben Thomas

Group 3 Jr. Counselor

Mariah Ruben

Group 4

Andrea Schiavone

Group 4 Jr. Counselor

Tyler Billouin

Group 5

Eli Ruben

Group 6

Katie Lulsdorf

Group 7

Kate Foley

Group 89 (Senior Campers and L.I.T.s)

Izzie Ciregna

S.E.T.S. Summer's Edge Tennis School

Allison Watts

Arts and Crafts

Libbey Beinert Hunnewell


Janae Carpenter


Phyllis Gallo

Clerical Maven

Anthony M. Gallo

In Memoriam